Clickvio Review – Everything You Wanted To Know About This Autoresponder Booster

What Exactly Is Clickvio

Put simply, Clickvio is described as, “A new way of doing email marketing, all without switching your current autoresponder.” While that statement is a bit intriging, it left a lot of questions we felt needed answering, hence this Clickvio review was born. We contacted the team in charge of Clickvio and were provided access to Clickvio for the purposes of this review.

When researching products, one of our first goals is to find out of the author/developer. In this industry, the origins of a product are extremely important as many product vendors what we consider “fly-by-night” and are highly unreliable. Fortunately, Clickvio was developed by Neil Napier, a highly respected software/platform developer. Neil Napier is also responsible for platforms such as Kyvio, Mailvio, and Funnelvio; all of which are highly respected products.

Think of Clickvio as a standalone, highly optimized, WYSIWYG editor that is 100% built from the ground up for designing and creating emails. Use included widgets to do things that most autoresponders are not capible of doing alone. Fort example, attach Instagram posts, YouTube Video links, Location Information, Images, Countdown timers, and social media links. This editor allows you to create emails that will be optimized for both the human eye and SPAM filters – which should allow for higher inbox delivery.

Once you got the email perfect, simply copy the HTML code into your autoresponder and you’re done. The logic is, with more emails hitting the recipient’s inbox rather than junkmail, you’ll notice an increase in open, click, and ultimately sales rates.

Along with the highly optimized editor, you will receive access to a collection of 100 done-for-you emails that have collectively resulted in over $100,000 in sales.

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