Tim EhrenkauferMy team and I were very fortunate to have stumbled on this new ‘unreleased’ platform called ConvertBox.  After researching the product and speaking to Dean (at ConvertBox support) I knew we needed to get in on this early and check it out.  Fast-forward a short time and we are writing this ConvertBox review and bringing you an incredible offer on a platform we feel could be a “game-changer” for nearly any website in 2019.

As many of our followers already know, we only review products we’ve used, touched, smelled, and tested ourselves.  Sometimes we evaluate the product over a couple of days and sometimes, like with ConvertBox, we incorporate the product into our business.   We purchased access to ConvertBox and we’re writing this review around our own experiences and knowledge we’ve gained from using the platform.

ConvertBox Review Discount

A Little About ConvertBox And What It Can Do For You

ConvertBox is a cloud-based platform that delivers targeted on-site messages based on visitor behavior.  These messages can be used to generate more leads, sales, and even reduce cart abandonment.  Currently, ConvertBox is not for Sale to the general public and the pilot program is only open to a few select companies and individuals.

While there are platforms that at first appear very similar to ConvertBox, I have yet to see anything that offers the same level of flexibility.  Platforms like Replug.io and PopLink are designed to put an overlay on a third-party website, which ConvertBox is absolutely able to do.  What ConvertBox does differently is allows you to easily put those overlays on your own website (easily!) and put the best message in front of your visitor at the right time — based on their actions.  Simply add a few lines of code to your website or use the WordPress plugin if you utilize that platform.


One of the most exciting features of ConvertBox is the dynamic text replacement feature.  This means we are able to welcome our visitors by name.  No longer are we addressing our customers by name in the email but then sending them to a generic web page.  Since we starting using ConvertBox, as long as the visitor clicks-through from the email, they receive a personalized welcome message.

…Get Ready For The Exciting Part!

We have been granted permissions to offer ConvertBox to our visitors, clients, and followers!  This means you can get your hands on a platform that many of your competitors don’t yet know exists — all for a special price.  When ConvertBox is released to the public, we are told the approximate price will be between $59/mo for 3 personal sites (with branding) and $89/mo for 10 personal sites with no ConvertBox branding.  These plans will allow 100,000 and 300,000 visitors per month respectively.

For a very limited time, we have been granted permission to offer an incredible deal to our visitors.  For a one-time price, you can be one of the few that gains access to ConvertBox’s Pilot Program.  With that privilege, comes great benefits!  You receive Unlimited Campaigns, NO ConvertBox Branding, Use of 10 Personal Sites, 500,000 Visitors per Month, and Absolutely No Monthly or Yearly Fees.

What Could Be Improved With ConvertBox

While we feel ConvertBox is amazing, there are a few improvements I’m eager to see.  They all have to do with the fact ConvertBox is still in development and not every feature can be added overnight.

We would really like to see the ability to add Retargeting Pixels toConvertBox.  We are also very eager for new features and functions to be added to the Agency version of ConvertBox.  Right now, the biggest advantages is being able to use on Unlimited Domains.  One last feature I personally would like to be able to see added to ConvertBox is the ability to use custom domains when placing a ConvertBox on top of a 3rd Party website.  We were told this is in the roadmap but no timeframe is offered as of the date of this writing.

Overall, we feel ConvertBox is an outstanding platform that is well thought out and has a ton of potential.  In our case, it has helped us increase leads and affiliate sales and we will be continuing to use it on many of our future projects.

My Final Thoughts About ConvertBox

As a company, we rarely like to promote products that have not officially launched but ConvertBox is rare. We have found the product to be extremely reliable and very effective for increasing leads and affiliate sales. Once ConvertBox includes adds a few features like Re-Targeting, we could be truly looking at a five-star product. Unfortunately, if you wait until then, you will likely be paying a monthly fee instead of locking in the one-time “Pilot Program” price.

Product Review Approved

ConvertBox Review Discount

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