Designrr – Is This Really The Easiest Way To Create PDF eBooks in 2023?

If you’re a content creator or want to start using content for promotional purposes in your business, I believe it’s worth a few minutes to read our Designrr Review. If you decide Designrr is a good fit for your business, we have negotiated an incredible lifetime price for our visitors.

Designrr Review [Section I]

What Is Designrr And Who Created It?

Designrr Review


After reading a message thread on the Reddit about repurposing PLR products, I thought it would be fun to take Designrr out for a spin. Not particularly being a fan of repurposing materials, I had very few expectations on how my tests would go.

I reached out to PageOneTraffic and was provided full access to the Designrr platform for the purpose of writing this Designrr Review. I expected the software might convert a text document to a PDF and throw in a couple of images… oh how wrong I was!

Designrr is a powerful marketing tool that claims to let website owners repurpose existing content in the most effective way possible. Anyone who wants to fully monetize their existing content or create new monetized content could benefit from Designrr.

Marketers, coaches, and anyone else who makes use of a quality eBook. Because that is what Designrr is all about: using existing blog posts, videos, or additional written content to quickly create a usable eBook.

Designrr was launched in 2016 by Paul Bannister and has consistently received updates since. You may be familiar with Bannister or his company, PageOneTraffic, which is well known for publishing high-quality tools that focus on optimization.

In particular, their tools have proven very useful for small business owners who might not have access to the same funds, employees, or usable skills as major corporations.

According to their company website, over 100,000 people utilize tools created by their team. PageOneTraffic is listed with the Better Business Bureau and currently holds a B+ rating with only 1 complaint showing in the past 3 years.

From our experience, we’ve found the people who benefit from Designrr the most are those who do not have the time or budget to create an eBook using the traditional means.

An app as simple as Designrr is capable of saving a creative marketer thousands of dollars and dozens of hours that would otherwise be spent organizing, creating, designing, and publishing an eBook.

Designrr can be used to replace the work of an entire creative team. That’s an entire team’s worth of salary that you can keep with the business and spend on more important matters. Of course, Designrr isn’t publishing the most impressive or unique eBooks on the market.

But an eBook doesn’t need to be either of those things to work in a marketing sense. In particular, eBooks that are created using Designrr work as excellent lead magnets.

Designrr Review [Section II]

What Is A Lead Magnet?

Generating leads is one of the most important objectives of any marketing campaign. Leads that are generated on the internet come in the form of email addresses. But it’s up to business owners and marketing professionals to figure out just how to get these email addresses.

You can ask for them nicely on your website but it doesn’t mean anyone will provide you with their email address.

The solution is often to use a lead magnet. This is a digital product or a service that you offer to interested visitors. In order for them to claim this service or product, they must provide you with their email address on a special web page often referred to as a lead page or landing page.

Since this product or service will be closely related to what your company sells, then it’s safe to assume this lead also has at least a general interest in your business. In many cases, this scenario provides a win/win for both the business and the visitor.

But what products or services could be used as a lead magnet? If you said, “eBook”, then you are absolutely correct. EBooks are one of the most commonly used lead magnets on the web. And they work very well.

Visitors love the idea of gaining access to an entire book full of useful knowledge related to a subject that they are interested in. They are more than happy to trade their email address for that information.

Of course, your eBooks are limited to their role as lead magnets. You can use the same content over time in additional marketing material. The use of an eBook as a lead magnet has additional benefits as well.

For example, it shows readers that you are an authority on your subject. And if there are affiliate links used in your eBook, then they could generate additional sales and boost income even further.

With this in mind, Designrr becomes so much more than just an “easy way to create a digital book”. It becomes a professional marketing tool that can quickly and neatly create lead magnets. That makes it an invaluable tool for a lot of people online.

But exactly who could benefit most from Designrr and who should consider passing on the download?

Designrr Review [Section III]

Benefits of using Designrr And How Can It Help My Business?

We believe that many people could benefit from Designrr, even if they don’t yet realize it. However, there are three groups of professionals who would clearly benefit most from a powerful tool like Designrr.

If you fall into any of these groups, then consider yourself lucky. And if not, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Designrr.

Small Business Owners

Assuming you have a website, you are easily the target audience for this type of product. The marketing power, ROI, and lead magnet potential of Designrr make it a tool that every small business owner should download.

There are few other digital marketing tools that as reliable and effective in the long run.

Many new tools are built around marketing fads that won’t be useful in another 12 months. Ebooks, on the other hand, have proven their long-term merit and won’t likely be losing their relevancy anytime soon.

The bottom line: if you’re a small business owner, then you need to add Designrr to your arsenal of tools yesterday.

Content Marketers

If you’re a marketing professional, then you’ll benefit from Designrr in nearly the same way that a small business owner would. It may not be your small business on the line, but it is your career as a content marketer on the line.

You only want to use the best tools for your clients so that they stay happy and refer you to their friends. Designrr is definitely one of the best when it comes to best in repurposing content and generating leads.

Webinar Marketers

Webinar marketing has grown tremendously in terms of popularity and effectiveness over the last decade. It has earned an important spot among B2B marketers as one of the best forms of content marketing.

Not only can a webinar generate leads but it is also effective at converting leads to customers.

One of the best ways to create a webinar is to use an eBook. An eBook can be broken down into appropriate sections and presented alongside slides to a group of interested visitors.

Yes, it will require a few additional steps beyond what Designrr offers, but the remaining steps or very manageable and affordable once the work of creating the eBook is out of the way.

Designrr Review [Section IV]

How Does Designrr Work?

Now that we know what it does and who it works best for (and who it doesn’t), we want to discuss how exactly this program works. Once you see just how easy it is to convert content into an eBook you’ll wonder how you ever ran a marketing campaign without it.

The entire process has been condensed into a handful of simple steps that can be used to create an entire eBook in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Log In And Create A New Project

This is the first in a series of easy-to-remember and easy-to-follow steps. You’ll log into the program where you are immediately introduced to the home dashboard. One of the buttons near the top will read “Create a New Project”.

Clicking on this button gets the ball rolling on your next eBook. You can start counting the minutes now.

Step 2: Import Your Content

In most cases, your content will from an existing blog or article already on your website. Though, it may be a collection of several blogs and articles. To import that content you need to open the blog webpage and copy the URL.

In the Designrr app, click on “Import from URL” and paste the URL of the blog. Click “Import” and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Select A Design Template

Designrr comes preloaded with tons of standard templates. You can further modify these templates by adjusting the font style, headers, cover, and graphical features.

Designrr also includes a large library of images that you are free to use with your content. Or, you could choose to upload your own images to complement the content.

The design features are exactly vast, but they are enough to ensure that your eBook has its own unique look and feel.

Step 4: Make Final Adjustments

There may be times when you can skip this step entirely. But there may also be times when Designrr encounters small errors with formatting. This can vary depending on the original format of the content you are using.

Take time to read through the eBook and ensure everything is how it should be. Take a few moments to make final adjustments to colors, fonts, and other style elements.

Step 5: Publish Your Content

Once you are finished, simply click a button and your content can be published. Designrr will present you with several export options depending on your needs. For example, you can publish your eBook as a PDF, HTML, or an Epub.

There are different circumstances where each of these formats could prove useful. The good news is that you’re free to use them all as much as you like.

That’s all there is to it. You’re welcome to increase the complexity of this process by refining the design process and relying more heavily on your own graphics. But we believe that the majority of what Designrr provides is more than acceptable for creating lead magnets.

Now that we’ve covered the functionality, we want to conclude with the top 3 benefits of using Designrr for repurposing content.

Designrr Review [Section V]

Our Final Thoughts About Designrr

“An Affordable And Simple Program That Does Almost All The Work”

It’s not often that a program is easy to understand and also capable of handling a lot of work.

It’s easy to forget that Designrr handles a fairly large amount of data beneath the surface. It’s capable of important vast amounts of content from webpages or PDF documents.

Even more impressive is how quickly it can process and organize all of that information. The potential workload and long-term efficiency of this app are truly impressive.

Every important investment seems to cost an arm and a leg when you’re a small business owner. Designrr is actually a very affordable tool and we believe they could get away with charging more than they do.

Any of us that work with content creation have come to realize a few things. First, and most obvious, time is money. The longer it takes for us to create an lead-magnet or other piece of content, the less time we have to work on other important aspects of our business.

This is why so many people choose to pay the big bucks and outsource much of their content creation.

Designrr can be your full time employee once you realize it’s full potential. Second, not every piece of content we create makes money.

I hate that feeling of knowing I just spent hundreds of dollars creating a piece of content (not counting time) only to find out it didn’t convert as I hoped.

With Designrr, your costs are kept to a bare minimal so you can afford to move on without the impact of major financial loss on those pieces of content.

“An Affordable And Simple Program That Does Almost All The Work”

Designrr already has an excellent support staff and provides users with a lot of instructional information. But what many people may not know is that there is a large, friendly community of Designrr users on the web.

These friendly people have created plenty of guides of their own. Some of them have been converted into eBooks with Designrr.

You can use this wealth of information to help with more advanced projects. And you can always reach out to the community if you need help with something unique.

The Designrr Review

We continue to be surprised by the Designrr team. Over the years, their product has only gotten better and simultaneously more affordable. They have managed to stay relevant in a constantly evolving market and will undoubtedly stay that way for the foreseeable future.

If you’re a content marketer, a small business owner, an online coach, or a webinar marketer, then now is the time to invest in Designrr. Otherwise, your competition might beat you to it and steal the show with their new lead magnets.


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