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Every few days, sometimes more often, we provide valuable information to help our visitors grow their businesses with tips, tools, and resources for marketing online.

New Mindset

Reacting Proactively

I’ve worked with many different types of businesses and business people over the years.  This includes large corporations, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and obviously self-employed Internet Marketers. Good people, all doing their...

Best Online Wordprocessors

Best Online Word Processors

Just the term, “Word Processor,” conjures up images of antiquated machines with tiny screens and extremely limited features. However, Microsoft Word and many other programs are nothing but advanced word processing programs.


Viddyoze Review Featured Images

Viddyoze Review

While there are other products that can be compared to Viddyoze, $67
Doodle Maker Review 2021


The Market is full of obsolete animated video makers that typically $49.00
Designrr Review Header Image


We continue to be surprised by the Designrr team. Over the $27.00
AdScouter Review

Adscouter Review

We were actually very pleased with our testing of AdScouter. None $39.00
PR Rage Review 2.0 - Buying High-Value Domains May Have Just Got Easier (2020) 1

PR Rage 2.0 Review

PR Rage is such an incredibly easy and intuitive platform that $47.00
Kickpage Review Featured Image


Let's be honest, there's a lot of landing page builders on $47.00
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