PR Rage Review 2.0 – Buying High-Value Domains May Have Just Got Easier (2023)

Watch As We Review PR Rage To See If It Truly Can Truly Find Aged And High-Traffic Domain Names

We’ve Updated Our PR Rage Review!

We updated our review to prepare for the release of PR Rage 2.0 and included many new and exciting features. According to a conversation we had with Walt Bayliss, all existing PR Rage customers will receive access to the new platform and not be required to purchase an upgrade.

PR Rage Review [Section I]
What is PR Rage And Who Created It?

PR Rage is a SAAS (Cloud-based) application developed by Walt Bayliss.  Walt and his company have been providing top-rated software platforms for many years.  Examples of such platforms include Hydravid Video Distribution, Data JEO, Webinar JEO, Repwarn, and many others.

According to the developer’s website, PR Rage is the fastest way for anyone, with no experience, to identify, research and purchase high value domains, that can be immediate high-valuefor a profit, rented out for a monthly income, or built out to bring in revenue.

PR Rage is a cloud based app, with a huge array of research APIs plugged in the backend – to deliver information to the user, all in seconds.  Being cloud based also means no software to install, proxies required, or compatibility issues.  It also means you’re always using the latest version because the platform is updated in real-time.

PR Rage Review [Section II]
What’s New In PR Rage 2.0?

After reaching out to Walt Bayliss about the new PR Rage 2.0 update, it became quite obvious a lot of work went into the new release.

Some improvements include:

  • PR Rage 2.0 now pulls from multiple domain sources. The platform now pulls from Godaddy, SEDO, NameJet, and more.
  • Integrated SEMRush SEO metrics & Copyright checking
  • Google Traffic Reports
  • Copyright Checking
  • Domain history
  • More powerful Databases that refresh four (4) times per day
  • A very powerful domain management platform that will allow you sell or rent domains without the need of hosting or setup of any kind. This is an optional add-on that can be added to your purchase.

PR Rage Review [Section III]
How Does PR Rage Work?

One of the first things I noticed about PR Rage is the intuitive interface.  In fact, one of my first concerns was it appeared so basic,  was it going to offer the kind of metrics and information I needed to buy high-value niche-specific domains.   Take a look for yourself.  This is a screen capture from my PR Rage dashboard.

As you can see, the interface is about as simple as it comes.  The top menu lets you easily access Saved Searches, Short-Lists, and tutorials.  Below that, you will find a search bar where you enter the desired criteria for your domain.

After entering our search keyword,  an initial list of domain names will show at the bottom of the screen.   Here you will find the Domain Name, Price, Valuation Price,  Current Traffic,  Type (Auction / Bid / BuyNow), and Domain Age for each domain.

Let’s Do An Example Search:

For this example, let’s say I’m wanting to start a new Shopify store in the dog clothing niches.  I’m going to enter “DOG” in the search box and the software will find domains that contain the word “DOG.”  You could also try, “Dog Clothing.”

The PR Rage platform returned 63 pages of domain results that contained the word, “DOG.” (WOW!)

Obviously, I need to shrink this list a bit so I decided to limit the search criteria. I told the software I was only interested in .COM domains that were between 6-9 years old, were available right now (Buy-Now), and cost less than $50.00. I brought my list down to one page – exactly what I wanted.

Did PR Rage Help Me Easily Find My New Domain?

Nearly immediately, I find a domain that interests me on the page of 45 results. The domain is which costs $9 at GoDaddy, is valued at $551, has little to now traffic, is “Buy Now” and is 9 years old. To say the least, I am very happy with this domain.

PR Rage Has More Tricks Up Its Sleeves:

Not only can PR Rage show you the basic stats of a domain, it can also show you the in-depth social stats of any domain in its database. With PR Rage, you can find Number of Banklinks, Trust Score, Bounce Rate, Visits, and so much more. Very few domain platforms on the internet show this information and as far as I know, none is this same price range.

The Review

PR Rage 2.0 Review

90% Score

PR Rage is such an incredibly easy and intuitive platform that it almost seems too easy at first. After playing with it for a short time, we could tell how incredibly powerful it truly is. The price of PR Rage is unbelievable and I have to recommend locking in this Lifetime Offer before PR Rage becomes a subscription-based platform. Two thumbs up Walt!


  • Unbelievably Easy And Intuitive
  • In-Depth Domain Insights
  • Lifetime Offer – Pay Only Once
  • Developer Has Terrific History / Fantastic Support
  • Cloud-Based – No Software To Install


  • Appears To Be Only Most Popular Domain TLDs


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