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Before we even get started, let’s talk about what a PDF file is so we can eliminate any confusion for some of the more novice marketers that might be reading this.  A PDF file is a file format, developed by Adobe, that stands for Portable Document Format.  It has been used since 1990 and allows the author to include text formatting and images in a manner independent of the application (software), hardware, or operating system.  Chances are you see these types of documents quite often in your professional & personal life.

How Do We Use PDF Files In Marketing?

Typically, as marketers, we use the PDF format to write high-value content that we give away in exchange for a persons email address.  We then use that email address to send marketing materials mixed in with additional high-value content.  We hope eventually that ‘lead’ buys something we are promoting, whether or not it’s one of our products or an affiliate offer.

What separates success and failure is the quality of the content in the PDF.  The most successful marketers write a report or guide on a subject related to their niche that solves a problem.  Solve someone’s problem and they develop an emotional connection with you.  That emotional connection is what eventually fills your wallet because they want to buy from the person they trust, who’s an authority in the field, and who has helped them in the past.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of marketers ‘give away’ a PDF in exchange for an email address but that’s where they stop.  They often leave out the viral element.

Here’s the twist:  One small change can in how you do things can not only get you the ‘lead’ but also give you the opportunity for some additional income and leads from people who may never have visited your site before… and may never have overwise.

Next time you produce a PDF, give it away with the rights to sell it or give it awayPeople who receive it can use it as their own to sell or give away again and again. The magic to this isn’t that a lot of people can see your lead magnet – it’s that a lot of people can end up clicking the LINKS you’ve placed INSIDE the lead magnet.

You strategically place links in the PDF that lead to your landing page, your website, your products, and your affiliate programs. Anything that is relevant works.

If your PDF happens to be a newsletter or magazine, all the better.  Each article can link to a product that is relevant to the article. For example, an article on how to get more traffic can link to a traffic generating plugin, course, book, etc.

An article on YouTube marketing can lead to… you guessed it, a product on marketing with YouTube.

If you want to get your links seen and make more money, viral PDF’s are a must have.

Want More Details?  We Couldn’t Stop There!  Read The Next Post In Our Viral PDF Series.

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Tim has been a full-time internet marketer since 2012 but has been working in the industry since 2009. Having a strong background in web hosting, SEO, marketing, and content creation has put him in an ideal situation to help entrepreneurs and small business owners in various niches.


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