Old school marketing said to create a lot of written content and call it a day.  For a long time, that worked really, really well.  Fast forward to today, and written content is still great and it’s still needed, but it is simply not enough.

Successful marketing campaigns must also include podcasts, videos, and possibly live events; not only on your site but on social media.  Most recently I discovered that doing this on my site wasn’t enough and you must also participate as a guest on other people’s shows and websites.

And while that might sound like a lot to do, consider this:

First, you write one long blog post.  From that blog post, you have enough information to do one or two short (5 to 10 minutes) podcasts. Yes, short podcasts work, and in fact, they’re more likely to get listened to than long ones. When you do a short podcast, you cut straight to the heart of the matter, and that is what listeners want.

Create Podcasts from Blog PostsSecond, from that same blog post, you can do a couple of videos and post those on multiple video hosting sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc).  While you’re at it, you might have an infographic done.

Third, I would consider doing a Q and A session on your site or social media.

Forth, you do some guest appearances on other people’s podcasts or live events.  The exposure will help tremendously.

The information you offer from one really good blog post can be repurposed many times over and get you seen and heard all over the internet.


Video Marketing is now just marketing… it’s no longer an option.


Good idea, right?  This is exactly what some of the biggest people in the industry are doing, which is why they’re big.  They show up everywhere, they offer great info, and people really feel like they get to know them because they hear their voices or even see them in videos.

You might be thinking that people will get sick of you talking about the same info that’s already in your long blog post. But the people who read the blog post from start to finish are usually not the ones who listen to your podcasts, or the ones who watch you on video. You’re expanding your reach and expanding your audience.

If someone does read your post AND listens to your podcast AND watches your live events or videos, do you think they will REMEMBER you?


You’ve now made a lasting impression, and the next time they see your name on anything, they are much more likely to pay close attention to it.

If, right now, you’re only writing blog posts, don’t panic.  Pick one thing – maybe podcasting – and learn how to do it.  Then just start DOING it.  Yes, you might be terrible at first.  That’s okay.  If you’re really that bad, throw out the first few until you start to get the hang of it.

Once you master that channel, pick another one, and so forth.
It’s not about working harder – you don’t need original content for every single channel.

It’s about working smarter.

Just as you would send out similar info on several different social media sites (perhaps letting people know about your latest blog post) so, too, you will be using similar info across these different marketing channels.

Again, this is what the most successful marketers are doing. And if they can learn how to do it, so can you.


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